Monday, March 19, 2012

Leadership, Training, and Customer Service

Welcome to my first Library Training Wheels blog.  I began this website as an experiment to fulfill a personal and professional goal to stay better informed of library innovations and services.  As a trainer of library staff, I know that the best way to retain information is to put in action and share it with whomever you can.  So that’s what this is – my thought on library leadership, training, and customer service.

Hopefully, together we can explore new and creative ways to keep libraries relevant in our changing society.  Change is a pretty scary word but I know an even scarier one – extinct!  While most people in our profession would claim that the internet and its endless source of information makes librarians more relevant, I would argue what’s the point if no one cares?  In order to keep from becoming extinct, it is crucial that we adapt to the society around us.  Stop thinking in terms of what the library can bring to the community but, instead, ask what can the community bring to the library?  What a paradigm shift!

A great place to start is by training library staff on customer service and how to engage with the community.  View my website for a list of my “go-to” resources.

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